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HPC CyberMatch™ – A Turnkey Solution for Cyber Training & Employment

Today’s widespread reliance on technology and digital services creates Cybersecurity risks that need to be managed responsibly.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework was created to provide a uniform standard that government and businesses could adopt to guide their cybersecurity activities and risk management programs.

Subsequently, the NICE Cybersecurity Framework was created to identify the human capital requirements and standards that NIST requires for successful deployment. Critically, it provides a common, consistent lexicon to help employers create a cybersecurity workforce capable of engineering, maintaining and continually improving a cybersecurity program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

The combined NIST/NICE Frameworks have now been approved as the governing framework for Cybersecurity for the US government, a growing number of critical infrastructure sectors (financial services, healthcare, energy etc.) and an extensive list of international governments.

The NIST/NICE Frameworks reflect 3 levels of professional qualification – and 33 job types, which are necessary to achieve it. For organizations seeking to implement and comply with NIST/NICE, these job types are at the heart of a growing number of job listings. Almost any job in the public marketplace may be traced back to one of these 3 categories and 33 job types.

We want to make it easy to engage with Cybersecurity – to get qualified, more qualified and get hired.

We want to make qualifications more transparent and more closely align dialog between cyber-qualified individuals and prospective hiring organizations.

In short, we want to close the Cyber employment gap.

We have reflected this in our HPC CyberMatch™ Curriculum. This is a simple 3-module training curriculum, plus labs (practical). Additionally, we offer HPC CyberMatch™ Virtual Internships – the opportunity to gain practical experience and enjoy access to experienced CISOs in a wide variety of industries.

The HPC CyberMatch™ Curriculum is designed as self-paced learning – available 24/7 to meet individuals’ and organizations’ particular schedules and requirements. It is priced to be accessible to anyone. Conveniently monthly billing keeps things very affordable while you build your future skillset.

The upside of having these cybersecurity qualifications is very evident in a rising job market.

In addition, we are introducing the HPC CyberMatch™ Marketplace. For those individuals who are cyber-qualified (whether via HPC or otherwise), the HPC CyberMatch™ Marketplace provides real-time exposure to prospective employers who are actively seeking to hire cyber-qualified individuals on a contract or permanent basis. In short, it’s the fastest way to get hired in Cybersecurity – and it’s the best place by far for employers to find you.

No-one does Cyber like we do. And we do it for YOU.

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The NIST Framework was created to provide a uniform standard that government and businesses could adopt – a common Cybersecurity language.


The NICE Framework was created to identify the human capital requirements and standards that NIST requires for successful deployment.

We support the full lifecycle of Cyber learning, qualification and employment. Problem solved.

HPC CyberMatch™ NIST/NICE Training & Talent Marketplace

HPC provides a full curriculum of always-on, self-paced learning for all levels – plus unique access for cyber-qualified individuals and employer organizations to our HPC CyberMatch™ Marketplace. In addition, we make it easy to stay on top of the industry through our timely interviews, articles and events via world-class HPC media.

Here’s how it works:

NIST-CSF FastTrack™ Rapid Adoption & Automation Training Platform

NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Development Training & Staffing Platform

Entry Level Positions

Intermediate Level Positions

Advanced Level Positions

NIST/NICE Certification & Skills Training Platform

NIST/NICE Virtual Internship Training Platform

NIST/NICE Candidate Competency Certification Platform

NIST/NICE Talent Contracting Platform

The NIST/NICE Frameworks stipulate 3 professional levels and 33 job types, which we reflect in HPC’s comprehensive training modules:

It’s easy to get started.

Entry Level Positions



Intermediate Level Positions



Advanced Level Positions



All Levels – Practical / Labs